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Are you looking to own rental property in Seattle or a Vacation Home? 

Sophari is a boutique vacation rental and property management company based in Seattle, Washington that also helps investors buy rental property investments. Our Sales side of our company focuses on finding high return investment properties in the best locations around  Seattle.

If you are looking for a condo in the city or a beach house near Alki that you would like to stay in a few month’s of the year, and then have guests pay your mortgage while you travel the world, we are the perfect partner as your licensed realtor.

We can help you achieve 2-4x the ROI that will make your financial and personal goals so you can cross that next travel destination off your bucket list.

Typical Net ROI is often 10% or greater.

We also are able to help you find lending on vacation rental properties. Our lenders have experience underwriting for vacation rentals with relatively low-interest rates.

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